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Sunday, April 30, 2017

How to give Barbie Doll Jewelry a more realistic look!

Hi, it's Barbie, I'm so excited, just finished my first craft on Craft Time with Barbie. If you haven't watched it, please watch it now. Click on thumbnail.

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Hope you liked the video above, I love how the jewellery turned out, especially the displays I made
for the jewellery, I need to make more, I would like to have at least six for more videos like this one.
I'll be searching for them at garage sales this summer. 

I broke a piece off one of the bodies while I was preparing it for painting.

After spray painting you can't notice the hole...whew :) 

Here is the before shots of the jewellery I used.

This one was my favourite, I used nail polish, silver and silver glitter polish.

Now these necklaces look more realistic. I love how they turned out, please tell me what
you think down below.

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