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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Victorian Dollhouse Tour for Draculaura's Family

Another new dollhouse, I just can't resist buying these dollhouse, especially the
ones that fold up. I promised myself, I would only buy dollhouses that fold up and easy
to store away. 

I'm giving this dollhouse an extreme makeover as well. This will be the new
home for Draculaura's vampire family.

I think this dollhouse will be perfect for Dracula and his family. It needs a lot of work before
the vampire family moves in.

I want to paint the exterior black with silver windows, not sure if I should paint the roof
silver too, or maybe a dark grey? The balcony and porch will also be painted silver, except
for the floor, I'm thinking grey paint with black or silver giraffe print. Maybe a smaller
giraffe print on the door? Tell me what you think.

To make it easier for filming videos, I'm removing the second floor and the elevator.
Why do they always put elevators in Barbie Doll houses? It's not realistic at all, I've never
been in a home with elevators. Not even the most fanciest homes don't have elevators.

I also want to cover that big door hole on the second floor, that's a weird feature, they could
have included a door, but I don't think any of these have doors, if they do, let me know.

See how easy it is to fold up and then store away in a closet or beside a table, or you
can even lay it flat for under a table or bed. 

So tell me what you think of my decorating ideas. I want it too look vampire-ish but also
elegant at the same time. 

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