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Monday, April 4, 2016

Thrift Store Barbie Doll Fashion Makeovers

Thrift Store Barbie Doll Fashion Makeovers

My local thrift store had a 50% off everything sale, so I was up early to I don't miss out
on any cool doll stuff for my channels. Last time they had a sale, I was there ten minutes after the store opened and there was already a lady with a shopping cart full of doll stuff.

This time I got there early, and I was that lady with a shopping cart full of doll stuff. I decided just to grab whatever looked interesting and then edit my shopping cart later. 

I found three bags full of doll clothes, I was hoping mostly for Barbie or Monster High dolls. I can't open the bag so I just cross my fingers and hope I can at least use half of what's inside the bag.

I got lucky, there were some really cool clothes in the bags, but the condition was not the greatest. So, I decided to challenge myself and fix every piece of clothing. Well, I tried, I did have to throw away a couple of pieces that were not salvageable. In this video, I share my new Barbie Doll outfits. I love how they turned out, always thought I would be good at fashion, because I love fashion :)

 Below is a couple of the before and after shots of our fashion makeovers. Tell me what you think.

Please watch the video and tell me which one is your favourite outfit.

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