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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

On my Craft Table | Dracula's family home with Draculaura, Draculily, Draculayla & Victor

I get excited about a dollhouse project when I have a decorating plan, until then it just sits in the corner of a room gathering dust. I'm excited about the Victorian dollhouse I'm working on now, because I have a plan! I want to give it an extreme makeover.

So far, I have removed all the furniture from the top floor, whew didn't break anything. 
I can use the furniture I ripped out in other sets or dollhouses.

I also tried to remove most of the stickers. 

Then I got tired of ripping,and scraping off the stickers and decided to just 
give it a good sanding.

I taped up the windows, I was going to cut out the plastic to make it easier when, but
the plastic is so thick, so I taped them up.

Removed some of the plastic knobs that were sticking out.

Oops, made a hole. That's ok, I'll be covering it with foam board.

Watch our video tour of the Victorian dollhouse before I started working on it.

I'm also working on the beauty salon spa at the same.  I'll post pictures soon.

  • sand every inch of dollhouse (hard labour)
  • paint roof dark grey (love greys, blacks and white in decorating)
  • windows and balcony railing plus porch pillars silver
  • upper deck floor and porch floor dark grey 
  • maybe a giraffe print on porch floor and smaller version of it on front door?
  • covering door opening on second floor with brick pattern
  • new stain glass windows (yikes! so much to do)

Tell me what you think of my to do list, do you like my decorating ideas? I'll share my
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