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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dollhouse Tour before Destruction

I love this dollhouse, but I think what I love about it is the kitchen.
Out of all the dollhouses I have, which is about eight or nine, this kitchen is
the best one. The dollhouse is too big and not easy to film videos in, so I decided
instead of giving the house a makeover, because I really won't be able to use it, 
plus its so big and not easy to find a place to keep it. I'm going to rip out
the kithen, the bathroom, anything that is removable, including the windows.

I hope I don't break anything, my only concern is the kitchen.
Will be doing it soon and I will post a video.

I hope I can remove those windows too.

I'm going to try to save the pillar too.

I need to save the fireplace too and I love that chandelier.

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