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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Unboxing Barbie Doll Dining Set Furniture

Yay, it finally arrived. To be honest, I have never spent this much on doll furniture.
I'm a little frugal, is that a thing, can you be a little frugal? I usually find doll furniture
through classified ads on Kijiji or Craigslist, or my favourite place for the best
prices are garage sales and thrift shops, but I had to have this set.

I bought it off Ebay for just over $30. I think it was worth it. It's hard to find
a table and chairs for Barbie dollhouses.

I love this dining set, it also came with dishes, glassware, champagne and a turkey.
Oh and little cutlery too. I will be using the set for our new doll shows. This table is so
grand, that I will be using it in our new dollhouse set for Draculaura and her family.
Since Draculaura's family are vampires, I want to give the home an elegant vampire look.
So I need to paint the table either black or a dark grey. I don't want to paint the chairs
because they're also being used in another set, so I'm thinking about covering it with
fabric when I use it in the new vampire house.

Champagne anyone?